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RVF400 no go

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OK so I'm fitting a Tyga kit right? All is well until I went to start the blessed thing, and it appears I've perhaps bumped something loose.

The symptoms.

Battery reading 12.8 v so its healthy. It was working fine the day before.
I get none of the dash lights when I turn the key, but
all the fuses are fine.

So I took the kit back off, and can't find a loose connection anywhere!

Anything stupidly simple spring to mind I might've missed?

I'm also having difficulty locating Studs cbr250.com no start thread from the old forum. Can someone post the link?
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Is the cable from the ignition barrel plugged into the right thing? Don't know what the RVF400 is like but on the Cibby I had the same sort of issue and found that I had plugged the ignition thing into the parking light thing.
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