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Hi CBR250!

One of my first big posts here, let me introduce myself. My name is Jack, 20 years old from down under (Australia). I started riding bikes around 2015 firstly on a 2006 VTR250. I later upgraded to the legendary CBR250RR, in which I still own one, but now I have been stung by the RVF bug.

This project has the aim of bringing something from the 1990s up to more recent times (and I know purists may have an opinion on this). But let's get started.

This is going to be a long ride.

The basis of this project was going to be my first RVF, as seen below. The fairings had fracture damage, and overall very flimsy. The mirror stay ended up braking on the way to work. Oh boy.

So, as usual, new fairings were in order. I bought the brand new TYGA GP-T kit for the RVF, but did not like the single seat life (an extra seat and storage, that I've always loved from the CBR250RR). So I decided to do some reserch, and found the following:
VFR400 Subframe
VFR400 Pillion Pegs
VFR400 Riders Seat
VFR400 Pillion Seat
VFR400 1 Key Lock Set
VFR400 Boot Latch Mechanism

With this, I bought the TYGA Dual Seat Kit, and converted my once flimsy tail on an RVF, to something more practical for daily road use. A few things to note, the HYOSUNG sticker on the tank was a joke at many of the problems I found with this bike, and I knew by the time I put these fairings on, I'd go futher. So the blinkers were temporary to avoid drilling unnecessary holes.

Later on, I stumbled on another RVF that was for sale with much lower KM then my engine (21,000 vs 55,000) for a great deal ($1200au or £671). It had been passed from learner rider to learner rider, and dropped a few times along the way, but everything under the damaged fairings was immaculate. This is now the basis of the build.

First up: Strip both bikes (and figure the frames out later)

Second: Strip the low KM engine. Time to make this thing roar.

Now, I've acquired some goodies from a few friends of mine including:

Mint VFR400 Gearbox:

Rick Oliver GSXR Flywheel Conversion Kit (I also have the flywheel and stator on hand):

Mike Normans 57mm Coswroth 428cc Kit (surprise?):

And the last thing that bring it up to date, freshly ceramic coated in satin black:

Any tips or comments are appreciated. This is my first big undertaking (although I have done a CBR250RR, I have never touched an engine). Enjoy!

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More things gathered:
NC21 sprocket cover
NC21 clutch slave cylinder (May upgrade it in the future)
NC21 push rod
RC19S clutch master cylinder
CBR600RR left hand switch-block
CBR1000RR right hand switch-block
RVF400 pillion pegs, to replace the VFR400 ones
VFR400 shock reservoir bracket
Full engine rebuild set
EBC heavy duty clutch
Engine casings bead-blasted


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More parts! Everyone loves parts! :D

Translogic Micro Dash
RVF400 HRC Oil cooler
CBR600F4i Oil cooler (replaced by above)
Stubby oil filter HF147
CBR600RR 2016 Forks
CBR600RR Tokico calipers

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