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RVF400 Rebuild

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Picked up this RVF today.

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Yes, that is a VFR rear end, it's definitely a bitsa!

It has been sitting for quite a while, it wouldn't start so i drained the old fuel and cleaned fouled plugs and it fired up straight away! Motor has excellent compression, underneath all the neglect it seems like a pretty solid bike.

Bike is destined for a pretty comprehensive rebuild from the ground up.

Due to my new job i only really get one day every fortnight to work on it so progress will be slow but steady.

However now that i work for a bike shop, parts and accessories will be cheap.

After much deliberation i'm fairly sure it will be done in the Rothmans scheme although i'm still not 100% sure it could be a Repsol. I know they've been done to death but i just love them!

I'm also tossing up between which fairings to choose originally i was going to stick with the OEM design, but now i'm throwing the idea up of a Tyga RCV212 front minus the rear cause the RVF Tyga rear doesn't do it for me. There is an alternative rear that looks a bit like the '09 CBR1000's which i'm researching a bit more, so i'll keep you posted.

As far as mods go, i'll be fitting an Aprilia RS250 rear shock due to their adjustable rebound, compression, damping and adjustable ride height, with an 850 -900 pound spring to suit the RVF's shock lever.

Probably looking at doing the SP1 discs and calipers with master cylinder, also the rear needs a new disc and pads.

Going to upgrade the exhaust with a full system while i'm at it as well, probably go with a Tyga system at this stage as well as some better rearsets.

Anyway, stripped the buggery out of her today for a few hours and this is how she stands as of now.

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So far bike needs a new left hand switch block due to a bit of road rash, also the top radiator has seen better days so will be replaced.

It has aftermarket triple clamps which i'm not really sold on cause they have no provision for the ignition barrel which was bolted to one side.

Anyone know what the deal is with bulkier "race" triples? They have "Trick Racing" etched into them, they look like they'd be heavier than factory so i don't understand the advantage?

Also needs the choke handle as the factory one was missing and was operated by what looked like a lawnmower choke handle mounted down near the idle adjuster.

Thats all i can really think of now but there will be plenty of updates.

Feel free to help with scheme ideas and examples cause i'm losing sleep over it!!!
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the infamous scooter of doom. I say go tyga for aerodynamics and cost.
something simple and racey. suits your bikes.
Go for a repsol scheme just like CAMMYGTIR.

If you want, i can source the TYGA parts for you :)

But looks like a good rebuild, i will keep an eye out on the progress!
Subbed! i want one of these so bad..
Nice. Looking fwd to seeing how this project end's up.
They are great bikes and I soft spot in the middle of my palm for them :)

cbrrrz said:
i want one of these so bad..
+1, i've spent many hours on youtube watching vids of these, drooling over the v4 sound... sexual.

do a hannspree scheme :) i hear ozzy pretty good with em ;)
Although i'm all about race schemes, the Hanspree doesn't do it for me.

It's definitely either Rothmans or Repsol.
repsol. cammy's looks soo fucking horn!
i really dont thing a rothmans would suit a tyga kit, too modern and sharp looking.
This is the tail in question:

What do you guys think of that tail with the latest Tyga front?
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or how about the san carlo gresini scheme, or LCR honda? just a thought

yeah, that tail acually looks really good!
they are some nice looking tyres on that too! would be great in the wet! lol
Reaper said:
repsol. cammy's looks soo fucking horn!
i really dont thing a rothmans would suit a tyga kit, too modern and sharp looking.
Originally i thought the same thing but then i found this:

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if you can get that tail why wouldnt you just go the whole thing?
i stand corrected... carry on.
If you're looking for inspiration look no further than the Tyga riders RVF page

But for my money nothing beats their Carbon RVF400 with the OEM style paintwork
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I agree with Yogi, but otherwise Rothmans for sure. And I say stick to the stock shape, it's already so good.
Yeah it's doing my head in cause OEM will save me buckets for go fast bits but the alternative will look so horn and also raise market value upon resale. [hr]
em sea 19 said:
I vote your avatar scheme
That would be a too vulgar display of power!
Check out the NC35 Gallery section on 400Greybike for ALL the paint scheme inspriation you'll ever need Lane.
I like OEM front with a Tyga tail, i'm pretty sure Quo Vadas had it on his bike before he sold it. THAT bike looked freaking awesome.
Interested to see which scheme you decide to go with though, they all look pretty awesome. Good luck with it. :D
I'm a bit jelly. Froth over them bikes. I definitely agree with the Rothmans scheme, also a fan on the cbr1000 tail.

Doesn't matter which way you go, it will still be an amazing bike in the end.
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