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This hits hard. I shared a birthday with @mitch179 and he would always reach out even as I drifted away from riding. We would have only met in person a half dozen times, but through this site, it felt like we'd been in person-mates for years. We would have drank far too much, which has blunted my memories. What I do remember is the insanely good times we had when the forum would get together from multiple states and engage in shenanigans... To learn he had a young baby as well....

Seeing his life progress through the lens of the internet - fishing, riding, lifting or family - everything looked picture perfect. @slojo - you summed it up I think. We've known riders to pass, but this is the first I can recall one of us to be taken by something else. In what should have been the prime and happiest phase of his life.

I'm based on the Goldy now so am close to the service, I'll be floating around the back.

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