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psidey said:
Honda dealership will have them, they should start at Honda oem part #14901 KT7 000 or #14901 KT7 013 and go up in numbers, depending on the size of shims. Shims start at 1.20 and go up in increments of .02, the next size being 1.22. They may now go up in increments of .025, I am not sure. You will need to determine the size of shims you need by measuring the clearance of the existing shims and doing the math to determine what size the new shims will need to be. Intake clearance should be 0.16mm and Exhaust clearance should be 0.23mm. Both these numbers have a plus or minus tolerance of 0.03mm, meaning the clearances can be 0.03mm either side of the above qouted numbers. If it is any help, the shims used in the CBR250, 1990 model, should be the same as those used in the year 2000 CBR600f4 US model. Hope this helps
Great information Spidey !!!

Could you please add it to the FAQ thread?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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