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**SHOCKING NEWS*** (not really)

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I'm a noob, but thats not the news! Riding today for the first time in forever and the bike feels a bit hard to move and kinda a funny noise just pushing it around coming from the tyres. I figure yeah time to put some air in anyway so ill check it out. After an average performance ride to the servo, i attach the air hose, and get a reading of 18psi on the front wheel and 15psi on the rear! Pumped them up laughing to myself that was lucky i even made it here.

Having put the air back in to the tyres, low and behold riding was so much easier! I know who would of thought!

Having done this though makes me think what is the ideal tyre pressure everyone is riding around with on their cbr250's???

And yes please feel free to call me all sorts of names for my stupidity!
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OK, pressures are dependant on the tyre and what kind of riding you do, as well as ambient temps.

Generally, 33/33 is a good starting place.
front 32-34psi
back 32-36psi
I used 32 Front and 36 rear on mine

Only used it on the street
Whats the shocking news?

I believe the title of the thread should be - Cool Story Bro :D
its socking in a sarcastic way as to how shocking it is that tyre pressure would make such a differrence.

thanks for the answersm though.. thats roughly the ball park i was filling them to
im never going to get this 10 seconds back...i used to run 29-32
I do 38 colds front and rear as told by bikebiz
EyeLuvBeer said:
And yes please feel free to call me all sorts of names for my stupidity!
Your fayve is all sorts of stupidity.

Check the pressure once a week or every time you fill up with fuel, also re rube and check your chain while your at it. Its a good habit to get into.

BTW if you are running very low or worn tread on your tyres you may have a slow leak.
aj26 said:
I do 38 colds front and rear as told by bikebiz
which is too high for the 250 , maybe ok on a bigger bike


is about what i would be running

too much pressure can be just as bad as not enough
32 Front and Rear on mine...
I fill my tyres with nitrogen. It's more stable.
Either way I think you need to move on from arrostax :p
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