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Skerries 100 Road Race 2010 videos

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Alright lads. Here's a few dodgy camera phone videos from the Skerries 100 this year. The still pictures are gratefully stolen off biker.ie. For those of you used to the Isle of Man only, this is not a time trial. There is proper qualifying and a race grid for every race. The riders race each other and not the clock. The course is little under 3 miles on closed public roads.

Unfortunetly during the grand final Rider #32 Myles Byrne lost control after clipping the rear wheel of a rider in front and crashed. The resulting accident claimed Myles' life. The remaining 4 races were abandoned out of respect. RIP #32.

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RIP #32.
hi dear,...its very nice video,..very interesting to seen this,..thanks for sharing here,..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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