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Doing a slashie tommorrow and to save me a stuff around just wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas?
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I ment exhaust not my arm??
train tracks can also go diagonally :)
wait for fireblue to chime in.

he had a thread on the old forum... only thing ive heard that comes close to the sound is a jet engine lol
angle grinder, then file.
i did it to the postie.
Ha Ha, I've got an old CBR250 in the garage i picked up cheap and it has a slashie.

Haven't started it up yet, but i have just moved into a new unit, so might introduce it to the new neighbours this weekend!
ridiculously LOUD

but if you like being heard 15 minutes before anyone see's you then go for it sunshine.
do not.

it's unimaginably loud,
like permanent ear damage loud, you will probably have huge flat spots also you will need to sort and you will end up trying to baffle it.

even at a 10th as loud as it started fiully baffled it got me a defect and enough fines to buy my bike twice.

pretty. but not worth it

get a custom stainless set of headers and a yoshi for wank vaue
ill buy one for $100 if someones selling one :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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