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Hey guys, ive organised some accomodation with discounted lift passes and we've got a spare room if any of you guys wanna get a group together and come down?

Here are the details:


Ladies and Gents here's the deets for the snow trip.


Massively epic shred of the white stuff!


Accommodation in JINDY, the room thats free sleeps 4 but you're more than welcome to fit more if people are happy to sleep on blow-up beds, or in the other room pending space. You will be able to fit at least 2 more in the room and others in the lounge room, its up to you guys how comfortable you are doing this. I may have to ask people to bring trundle beds down if required. All linen is provided, but you must bring a towel. SKIing will be in THREDBO.


Dates for the accommodation are SUNDAY 29th August - THURSDAY 2nd September. 4 nights, 5 days SKIing.

DONT FRET! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AVALIABLE FOR THE ENTIRE TRIP! You can do either 3, 4 or 5 days, starting on either SUN, MON or TUE but must be finished by thursday.

Convoy will be leaving at 3AM on SUNDAY 29th, should be in jindy around 9am, then to the accomo and straight to the ski fields for the first day of skiing.

Those who cant come down on the sunday and would preffer do three days starting on tuesday, for example, will have to buddy up with someone else to ensure they have transport down to jindy, otherwise can look at getting a Greyhound Coach (~$80), they even run overnight so you can sleep on the bus and get there in time for a full day on the slopes


This is going to be a pretty cheap trip! Yay! Here’s a rundown on the expenses.

Accommodation rates:

2 nights: $150
3 nights: $180
4 nights: $200

Through this lodge booking, we get heavily discounted lift passes:

3 day pass: $204
4 day pass: $258
5 day pass: $310

Huge savings on buying them outright.

Note: these may change marginally if you dont start on SUNDAY 29th.

Those who need to hire gear, we also get discounted gear hire through a vendor in Jindy. Please let me know what you need.

Transport costs:

Petrol split between people in cars (~$25 each), also we must drive in to Thredbo and thus must pay the National Park entry fee/buy an annual pass which is $190 per vehicle, HOWEVER if anyone has or can ninja a pension card, entry is free. Seriously do this, massive saving.

Thus, if you’re in for the full 5 days be prepared to pay $560 + gear hire (if required) and food + grog costs.


As its getting close to August, I need this booking info finalised sooner rather than later.

By MON 5TH JULY I need your inners and thus the first payment for the accomodation. By this time I also need to know if you need to hire any gear.

By THURS 29TH JULY I need outstanding payments for the lift passes.

Yes you can pay me all at once if thats easier for you guys. The reason I need everything 4 weeks before the trip is that I need to pay for the passes then allow for time for vouchers (which we exchange at thredbo) to be posted to me.



Have a chat guys and see if you can get your group together, see how many people are in for this. Let me know what dates you can make! See how many days you can swing off work. Accomo is booked, so the quicker you let me know you're in the better! Do eeeet its gonna be a mad trip!
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That would be so cool! Take pics so I can live vicariously.
Oh and you can bring mates as long as they're cool and atleast one has boobs.
Joel David said:
Oh and you can bring mates as long as they're cool and atleast one has boobs.
do manboobs count?
Man I need a job! This is ridiculously cheap and I still can't afford!

Hope you have a kickarse week away! Sounds awesome!
thats soo cheap!
ill have to ask the missus when she has a break from work placement...[hr]
5th of sept is a sunday?
Oops fixed, finishes thurs 2nd sept
hmm, buying a bike next week so wont have money when you want it, should have it before the trip but one of the payments dates was last week :p
if i win the lotto or something ill let you know and ill be innors for sure
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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