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So whos doing the Aug 31st ride?

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So who is rocking up?
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So the protest rides booked for the 31st? or is it possibly going to change?

also is it going to be a ride in and park or a slow meander through the city?
wheres the ride to ??
doesn't look like there's much support.
The facebook group only has about 200 members..
Not sure what the route is going to be.
Well Im going, a day off work is worth it.
Yeah its unfortunate that people these days will whinge but never stand up when it counts.
i'll go as long as i can follow someone
only been to the city once and not sure how to get there from hornsby
so maybe couple of us meet up somewhere before?

also can you link me to the group/event on facebook for the ride?
I will probably be going in, will try my best to make it.

Clevermetal, you sure you got the right site? this is the main one, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001201849208

Also, this thread on netrider, http://www.netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=113888
CBR_RR, I thought this was the site: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001201849208#!/event.php?eid=110567892326153&ref=ts

Yeah clever thats the CTP ride site. CBR's is the face book group.
Fuck just checked out the CTP ride page 217 people. Fucking disgusting!
That is fucking piss poor. No cunt wants to stand up and make a stand. People whinge and act
tough on the web these days and thats all they do. Man that shits me more than the CTP rise!
get in on it you silly cunts.

or i will come to your house and bugger you silly, just for a taste of what it will be like if you don't stand up to your "elected" officials....
Ah i see, someone just put the link up to the ride site on the group page, should help get more exposure.
You said it Matt!!
Ill film it!
The ride is on.
meet outside PArliament House at 12 noon in Macquarie street.
If you can't get parking then circle the block continuosly.
Leave from where you wish and if you want to organise your own starting point then go ahead.
Just remeber the RAB facebook site is not organising the rdie, they are advertising it.
The MCCofNSW is setting this thing up and it is going to be very very big.
There will be a van in Hospital Road distributing palcards etc on the day.
Several of us are going to laod up Hospital road with bikes from about 3 or 4 am.
Some others will just park on the footpath opposite PArliament house and cop the fine of $86.
This is the time to stand up and be counted on Motorcycle issues.

See below.


Office workers, mums, dads, motorcycles and scooters
to converge on Parliament

Changes to the NSW Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme on July 1st this year, saw motorcycle and scooter riders slugged with outrageous price increases. Some riders are facing increases of nearly 100%. This is despite a dramatic decrease in fatalities since 1995. Car drivers are now also beginning to question the CTP scheme.

• FACT: In 1995 there were 8.9 motorcycle fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles in NSW.
• FACT: In 2008 there were 3.7 motorcycle fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles in NSW.

There are almost 168,000 registered motorcycles in NSW and half a million motorcycle licence holders. There are more motorcycles and scooters on the road than ever and the road toll is going down. “With more bikes on our roads, we will continue to see a marked reduction in congestion, pollution and parking problems, especially in major cities like Sydney” the Chairman of the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC of NSW), Rob Colligan stated today. “But instead of promoting greener transport, motorcycles and scooters are being financially driven off the roads with massive increases in CTP premiums.”

The MCC of NSW is therefore calling upon all motorcycle and scooter owners, along with motorcycle industry representatives to converge on Parliament House at 12 noon on August 31st to protest this unfair and unjustified money-grab on one of the greenest forms of transport on our roads. “It is time for our political leaders to come clean on why they do not recognize motorcycles and scooters as unique and independent road users, instead of treating us as some sort of small car or some sort of problem,” Colligan said. “The Motorcycle Council of NSW would like to apologise to the people of Sydney for any inconvenience our protest may cause, but it is time for us all to stand up and be counted.”
The MCC of NSW has invited the Premier of NSW to address the protest, yet only the Shadow Minister for Roads, Andrew Stoner, has accepted the invitation. “The government can ensure insurance company profits do not undermine the CTP scheme and it is time for the Kenneally Government to answer to the people of NSW the hard question, of what is wrong with our CTP Scheme.” Colligan said.

United we ride - Divided we walk

For further information and all media enquiries please contact:
Rob Colligan – Chairman MCC of NSW

The Motorcycle Council of NSW(MCC of NSW) was established in 1982 is the state’s pre-eminent motorcycle advisory group and represents 40,000 motorcycle riders from 38 social clubs and motorcycling organisations.
See less See more
For all attendees these rules and guidelines are non-negotiable.

Important Notes:

Because of police regulations the suggestions and guidelines listed here are voiced by the RAB are a part of an agreed plan that was constructed outside of the MCC's jurisdiction, in order to avoid legal action being taken against Rob Colligan as the Chairman of the MCC and sole organiser of the Rally.

Andrew Stoner and Barry O'Farrell have comfirmed their attendence in order to speak with us and have their own say. Also remember the letter writing campaign must NOT stop just because we are having this rally.

It is extremely important to realise the MCC has given instructions that we are not to organise any “Slow” ride or cavalcade.

Guidelines for the Day

1. Approximately 50 riders are required to attend the area of Parliament House and Hospital Rd behind Parliament at approximately 3 - 4 am in order to start securing the parking spaces.

2. Because of the volume of bikes we expect to be in attendance around Parliament, the plan is for riders to find somewhere safe to park in Hospital Road or elsewhere and walk to the Rally with your helmet on.

3. At 10am there will be a van located on Hospital Rd that will be distributing hand held placards and other materials for the protest. This is a Black and Green Ford Transit Van.

4. Mashalls will be positioned around Parliament and surrounding streets guiding bike traffic, please be respectful and listen to their directions.
Note: The ***** on Bikes at this stage are being suggested as the marshalls. We still need another 6 marshalls.

5. All members walking to the rally are asked to wear their helmets as a distinguishing feature and insignia of being a motorcyclist and particuipant in the protest.

6. The official protest is allocated to run between 12pm - 1pm.
Note: As per any motorcycle event, please ensure you have a FULL tank of petrol... do not run out of petrol.
Note: If you cannot attend in the morning, please arrive outside Parliament House by 11:50am and join the rally at Parliament House.

7. THERE WILL BE A STRONG POLICE AND MEDIA PRESENCE! Idiotic behaviour will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Anyone committing an offence should expect no leniency from the police and no support from the MCC of NSW.

8. If approached by the media and asked why you are protesting you are to direct ALL questions to Rob Colligan of the MCC of NSW who will be on the staging area with the microphone. This will avoid people making silly comments which will be used as stock footage and harm the goal of the rally.
Note: if you MUST make a comment, it must relate to the CTP issue. WE ARE PROTESTING ABOUT CTP AND NOTHING ELSE.

9. In order to cover costs imposed by Sydney City Council, The Police and The Royal Botanical Gardens Trust, a hat will be passed around asking for at least a gold coin donation.
Note: Please remember the MCC gets no official funding from the Government and all costs are being worn from their own (under funded) treasury.

10. If the number of bikes is as large as we hope, do your best to find legal parking.
Note: Any footpath parking may attract a fine of around $90, so park at your own risk and may attract undue Police attention.

11. All groups riding to Parliament are responsible for their own actions and will receive no support in antisocial behaviour from the MCC in any way, shape or form. Use your head, don’t do anything stupid!

12. This, we hope, will be one of the largest motorcycle rallies in NSW history. Let’s make it count and not further negative stereotypes that have lead to our being discriminated against in the first place.

You know the time, you know the place, you know the reason. We NEED you there and anyone else you can bring. Lets make this THE Protest that tells the Government enough is enough.
Hope to see you there!
Kindest Wishes, Stay and Ride Safe.
From the Riders Against Bureaucracy Team
im inners. for the what-the-fuckery i'll be experiencing come next year.
ill be there along with a couple of mates.. make the voices count i hope :)
So all the bikes are just heading towards parliament? I thought there would've been one group going towards sydney?
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