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Socket set for 10 bucks

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have a look, i know the quality probably is shit
but its 10 bucks so yeah
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i bought mine from there a while back for $6......crap quality, but good for the little things.....
For $10 it looks good. I need to restock my small sockets anyway. You have motivated me to get my hungover ass out of bed today.
you get what you pay for! rather just pay bit more and get a Stanley or a good brand!
niceee! im gonna go get some for myself !


yeah i know, but i just thought for someone short on money, this would be perfect for the time

also they've got a couple of spanner and screwdriver sets for really cheap as well

i picked up a couple of spanners from bunnings for about 5 bucks, and they're not that bad
they shall last long enough till i can afford a good set
fitzy said:
you get what you pay for! rather just pay bit more and get a Stanley or a good brand!
Yeah i know they wont be the best quality but to fill in the spots where i have lost a couple and get an extension bar its worth it.

they are the cheapeest nastiest socket sets , as above good for the small replacements but for not much else

a while back i was in kmart during one of their 25% off sales and got a motorpro kit for about $40

in the plastic box was a full set of spanners iirc ring and open ended
set of 3/8 sockets

but the main reason i bought it was also included sockets of torx bits up to a decent size

fairly decent bit of gear and at the price couldnt really go wrong

wortha lookm if you havent got anything and worth it just for the torx bits alone
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I have one of these and the quality is pretty shocking. I've rounded about 5 of them and actually broke 2 sockets almost in half.
Confucius say: Man who buys cheap tools, buys twice.

Stavros says: In between the two purchases, he will post many "Plz help I have rounded off this bolt" and "Oh noes, my socket has snapped" threads.

Buy good tools. The joy of quality remains long after the pain of price is forgotten.
Bought a cheap socket set on the wkend just for one bolt

Proceeded to cheese the socket with a cheesey bolt
For 10 bucks they probably spontaneously combust at the touch of metal
the prob with cheap tool kits is that they are made really badly and the sockets are tolerences a well up the creek so in the end you will strip all the nuts you try to undo and then have to spend extra time and more money on top of that getting a new tool kit that actually works and then more tools to fix the problem that the cheap tools that you baught to save money caused. in the end they will cost you twice as much as a good set.
my 2 cents
i find it usefull to have a gash drawer in my toolbox full of cheap sockets etc. Quite handy for the odd occasion you need to grind a tool to fit or bash a smaller socket over a stripped bolt/nut.

Saves having to butcher the good tools. I say you need the cheap shit as well. Buy it to start with, then get better stuff as you find you need it. Then retire all the old shit into the gash drawer. That way, you too can say, "i've got just the thing" when it counts:
Had a cheap set once and the bearings or something buggered up, so didn't grip / lock anymore .. hehe

I just picked up a decent spanner set with a closed ratchet thing on the other end. Couldn't believe how expensive tools can be! They are awesome though, and as silly as it sounds, you can just feel the quality as soon as you start undoing / doing something up :)
im with chukitova on this
when i did work placement for tafe, most of the auto mechanics said they have some cheap spanners and sockets coz if they need to be machined for a particular application, they're not machining something they spent a lot of money on
one of them showed me his $40 socket set and it was almost as good if not the same as the snap on ones
Some supercheap socket sets don't have the balls/pins to stop the socket from falling off, good thing to have when your working on cars/bikes
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