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SOLD [SYD] Alpinestars RC-1 Leather Jacket (Red)

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2nd hand Alpinestars RC-1 leather jacket

Description from site: Race styling, quality protection, and a comfortable fit make Alpinestars’ RC-1 a great leather jacket with more than a hint of racetrack pedigree. Comes loaded with all GP protectors in forearms, elbows, shoulders, back and aerodynamic hump + winter liner.

Colours: Red/Black/White

Condition: near new with no scuffs or scratches

Size: USA 42 ; EUR 52

URGENT SALE - $500 or close to asking price (retails for $900 in the shops)


Please PM or call/text 0413332494 - NEED TO SELL THIS WEEK!
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RE: FS [SYD] Alpinestars RC-1 Leather Jacket (Red)

if its still up in a few weeks ill consider it
RE: FS [SYD] Alpinestars RC-1 Leather Jacket (Red)

Hi mate, yes it is but I really need to sell before this weekend. Flying out of the country next week. Give me a call if your dead keen.

Chrissybenn said:
if its still up in a few weeks ill consider it
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