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Sourcing Mesh Metal.

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I've been on the hunt for this stuff for a couple of days. I've come back from bunnings and a few other hardware stores empty handed today, and my internet search only came up with factories and warehouses who sell it in bulk. All I need is a sheet about 1x1meter.
This is the stuff im looking for:

Does anyone have any connections? or know people that may have some?
Preferably around the Sydney area.
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If you are talking about that mesh people stick in the gaps to fill up parts of their body kits then auto stores like supercheap and autobarn sell lengths of it.
yeah try autobarn.

what is it for?
Whats it for? Do you want it to be structural? Are you after a specific pattern?
Probably for some nasty fetish dungeon
Hessian said:
Probably for some nasty fetish dungeon
close but no.
No specific pattern, I'm after something with larger perforations which are closer together, the lighter it is the better.
being used purely for aesthetic reasons.
Well, you could go to a steel/aluminium supplier and get expanded aluminium grille, which is similar to the stuff that they make cat walks out of, or in lighter gauges its like the stuff they put on heavy duty screen doors.

Alternately if you want a flat pattern i'm not precisely sure where you'd go, but I reckon an Architect could point you in the right direction.

Drew is right on the money. I don't know for sure what you are looking for, but it is probably what is called "expanded aluminum mesh". This stuff is sold in sheets at any auto hop-up store, but especially the stores that cater to the guys who hop-up their little Hondas or any small foreign cars. You will have seen it installed either in the grill or under the grill or anywhere on the front of these cars, sometimes to hide lighting which is sitting behind the mesh. If strength is not a factor then be sure to go with the aluminum mesh, it will bend easier, will not corrode and will be super light and yet fairly strong and should maintain its appearance for a very long time. There may be a few different sizes of mesh available so enquire before you buy. Would not use the steel if at all possible, (plus it will require painting) and it has all of the opposite properties of the aluuminum.
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Are you thinking of doing something similar to cbr crusin?

If so. Please use something better than double sided sticky tape to hold it in place.
Chicken wire ftw bro. Its got bigger speed holes.
I've emailed autobarn, fingers crossed.
Psidey's spot on, aluminium is what I would be getting, as soon as I find somewhere that has it.
Don't go to Autobarn, you can get the same thing a lot cheaper from places like Capral.
Capral can be theives lol... Then again Ulrich is worse...

You're after "perforated" sheet. It's expensive. Though might still be cheaper than getting it made.

Btw trucks have the perforated steel around their exhausts etc
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