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sparky problems , help please .

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guys i was following The Official "MY BIKE WONT START" Thread! about the sparkies , i took one out checked for a spark and not exactly blue spark but a yellow one . then moved on and went to the next and it backfired .. was like a sniper rifle just went off next to my ear , sat stunned for like a min

they're about a few weeks old , just got them..
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You check for spark to see why a bike won't start dude, you don't go from plug to plug checking to see how they're all working, you do it to check for the existence of spark.

If you want to check your spark plugs, then you pull them out and visually inspect them looking at the colour, which tells the story. Plenty of websites that show and explain the colours they can turn.

I wouldn't pull a plug and then crank a starting engine.

the sparkies look fine , yet i dont know why my bike wont start
Have you described the problem in any thread? That would be a good start if you want help and haven't yet....

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