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Speedo not working

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firstly i've got a mc19 so the speedo cable is not connected in the same place as an mc 22
its connected to the front wheel

took the cable out the other day to grease it, bought lithuim grease recommended by the guy at auto one for lubing the speedo cable
so took the inside cable out, sprayed grease all over it and then put it back in and connected it back
now the speedo completely doesn't work

not sure what the problem is
the gap in the cable fits on the pin thing in the wheel
then i tightened the screw below it and rode it around and the speedo wasn't working
pulled on the cable just to check if it was in correctly and it came off
unscrewed and screwed it back again making sure the cable was tight about 5 times and it still refuses to work and the cable comes out easily

is there anything i can do to fix this?
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just buy a new one mate. they aren't that expensive, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that it's new. i had the same problem. you gotta remember these bikes are 20 something years old.parts are expendable. Just be thankful it isn't one of the more expensive parts.yet.
new what? cable?
if so where from and does it have a part number or something?
yeah, new cable dude. just go to your local honda, or a wreckers. I'll try to find the part number for ya, but i'm betting someone will have it for ya before i wake up tomorrow.
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