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[split] The Official "MY BIKE WONT START" Thread!

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Problem with the cibblet.
Last night it was raining and I had to ride to work.. Well I got home fine and all. Went to start it this morning and the bike wouldn't crank at all. Checked the spark and all, it's fine. When I go to start the bike, the starter relay clicks but doesn't turn on.
When I put the highlights on, the bike won't even try to start. When it's off, all I get is constant ticks. Fuses are all good, checked the battery with a multi-meter, its good.

Update: With headlights on it doesn't even try to start up, but once i turn the headlights off it tries and all I get are ticks.
Also tried jump starting it. Dumped it, starts abit but doesn't follow through.
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When you say that the battery is good, what do you mean?

What readings did you get?
K916 said:
When you say that the battery is good, what do you mean?

What readings did you get?
11.8, ignition on. Well that like everything is working fine. Lights are strong and all. I'm guessing my motors jammed
new battery and it should be fine.

i got caught out at a petrol station one time. worked perfectly in the morning, got pertrol, and then just wouldnt start. tryed bump starting it and it'll fire but wouldnt hold the revs even with alot of throttle, it'll just fizzy and die again. grabbed the booster pack from the servo guy and it fired right away and worked while the booster was on and died when it was disconnected. got a new battery put in and i've never had a problem since.
yeah sounds like the battery has crapped itself. it takes a fair pull to start a motor compared to running headlights.
Like B says above, a new battery should be the cure.

In the interim, have the battery charged and lightly tap the starter solenoid with a spanner.
Weird thing is... battery IS new. Got it about 2 months ago. I opened up my stater motor today, gave it a clean and tried again. Still no luck. I'll try start it while charging in afew minutes and I'll give you guys the results.
You battery is fecked!!!
Throw a new one in it.
Garentee it's the batt. Have you let the bat go dead?
Also if you have a friend with a Cbr, try their regulator rectifier.
Your bat should be near 12.5 with the ignition on.
Please read through "the official my bike won't start thread" as it gives you a decent idea what to do.
It's not the battery.. Tried starting it with the charger and still didn't work.
Well 11.8 ignition on is not great.
What is the batt at now after the charge with ignition off?
Have you a friend with a reg rectifier?
Have you tried run starting it?
Try all the free things in the my bike won't start thread and report back.
Didn't charge it completely, I just ran the charger to the battery and started it. That didn't work at all.. I mean it's getting direct voltage so I'm doubting it's the battery. No I don't have a friend with a CBR. That'll require me to buy another new rec/reg so I don't think it's that. Push starting, yes.. Engine turns but doesn't follow through.

I bypassed the relay so that it was a straight connection from the stater to batt. The motor runs slowly. Well at least the motors out of the picture!
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