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Starting Issue- HELP

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Hi guys,
I've just finished putting in fresh spark plugs into my cbr250rr, the bike starts up fine WITH choke on. When i let out the choke after the bike is warmed up the revs drop and it just dies. Can anybody shed some light on this situation?
It's greatly appreciated.

Okay i just unhooked the idle adjuster from its clip on the left side of the bike and found that it isnt even screwed in to anything. This is why it did nothing when i tried to adjust the idle revs Does anyone have any idea where the end of the idle adjuster screws into ? Is there meant to be anything between screw and the place it screws into like a spring ? At the moment i just have the idle adjusting cable and no idea where to screw it into.
The whole cable is completely unscrewed and off the bike.

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Is your idle adjusted correctly?

sir.b said:
Is your idle adjusted correctly?

When i twist the idle adjuster the revs don't seem to change? How will i know if i have adjusted it correctly ?
the idle speed should be about 1500 +-100 according to the manual
but i think most people make it 1750
also this has to be done when the bike is warm
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