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Stranded on the M4. Throttle Cable issue

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So.... Riding on the m4 towards Penrith on my way to a mates house. Had been into the ride for about 20 mins - bike running normal. THEN Cruising at 100km/h just past the speed camera my bike started chugging like it was out of petrol. So i flicked to reserve and then the slack on the throttle just let up fully!

Pulled over to take closer inspection. Nothing i could really check though cos i had no tools. The throttle was turning freely (i.e. didnt spring back when i let go). Came to the conclusion that the throttle cable had snapped or came loose. (Bike was still running normal as well)

Any other ideas?
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That speed camera is 90kmph I hope you didn't get fined too.

You could always blame it on a stuck or broken throttle.
did u get this fix coz i just took mine off to clean a sticky float and now the throttle is back on its not sprining back wot did u find out the deal was ??? cheers
I had my throttle cable snap once, if you turn the idle right up so it idles about 10000, can ride it just using the clutch and the kill switch, real pain but might just help ya get home in a jam.

Hope it nothing too serious!
Cyclone, does the throttle stick in all positions or just when the bars are at full lock? I think you will find your cable routing is incorrect or you haven't hooked the throttle cabs back to the carbs correctly. You should also lube the cables.

Revhappy, this thread is like 1.5 years old. Hahaha.
revhappy wasn't the one that resurrected it though .. probably someone using the forum search correctly for once! :)
Cyclone just asked if it was fixed, as if he knew it was old. Rev said he hopes it's not too serious as if its just happened. Haha.
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