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Street Triple R vs Daytona 675

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Street Triple R vs Daytona 675

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Lets start off the new site with something COOL!

Like the Triumph Street Triple R and the Triumph Daytona 675!

Street Triple R

Daytona 675

So I'm getting my full license NEXT November, and I really want to get either one of these. I can't afford both unfortunately :(

Anyways, who has had experiences with either or both these machines?

I really like both and can't decide which one I'll end up with :p
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Daytona can be a bit nervous and is particularly sensitive to setup prior to the 09 model, where they raked out the front a little and fiddled with the suspension. The street is a bit easier going in this regard.

The Street has been detuned, different cams, different exhaust different tune, down about 20-30hp I think and I found that it had a fair old torque hole around 4krpm that the 675 didn't have.

I found the 675 a little tiring to ride as well, just because it was a bit hard to grip the tank, so if you get one maybe buy some stomp grips for it or something.

All in all, I'd pick the 675 though... or the Speed triple, same equipment, same power as the 675 but a bit more stomp through the entire range.
If you want storage buy a backpack or a gold wing
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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