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[SYD] Borrow a Manometer please

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Can anyone lend us a manometer to help another forumer out?

and anyone in sydney that needs a carby balance can come around too i guess....

wont be doing carby cleans as i dont have the space or time :(

If you got small jobs u can come along i guess...depending....

it will be hopefully this week...weekday...starting 1pm.
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banana.logic said:
when did you get suspended? how? why?
i dont want to talk about it...:angel:
Ninexz said:
your not suspended for a whole 244 days... are you...?
please tell me your not.
possibly....probably....btw, u copied my sig...:newspaper:
Lane said:
Where you based point01?

I might be able to help out.
near drummoyne...work in the city, do u have a manometer?
yes, im very sad...although the weather has been good....for me anyways :p....but this week and long weekend is gonna be a killer!!! :( .... RAIN!!!!!

BTW...post update...Two50RR the sikest kent on the forum is lending me his manometer which he scores off the scale on!!!
Lane said:
No worries, after re reading it, mine is actually a synchrometer.

Let me know if you still need it.
thanx for the offer mate!
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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