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[SYD] Parking in Parramatta

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Anyone know if street parking in parra is free for bikeS? :huh:
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as far as i know sydney city council is the only one to introduce free bike parking.

parramatta council may also have free parking, in the city there is a sticker that says bikes don't have to pay on every ticket machine.

having said that, before free parking was introduced, you could get away with claiming that you bought a ticket, but some jerk stole it off your totally unsecure bike.
Yeh, i figured. Just called up the council and asked them. I actually asked one of the Parking meter dudes couple of weeks back and he was like 'yeh its free'.. when he knew very well it wasn't. slut
you should find him a beat him with your slipper.
Haha what a cunt! Hahaha pretty funny tho.
Fair few bikes park under the Mercure overhang, up Valentine I think is the street. Apart from that I've parked in the small bays which I assume are for bikes on Church st at the ends of the car park bays.
I park at westfield lv6 carpark just next to the entrance
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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