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[syd] P's practice day 27th

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Hey guys, going to do a p's practice day with my girlfriend this sunday.

we'll be in the eastern suburbs at heffron park in maroubra from 2:30 practicing the cone weave and u-turn.

theres normally a bunch of L-platers in cars being useless, but they generally keep out of the way. (why why why do you need to practice in a public car park in an auto?)

I don't mind if people want to drop in and say hi, but i wont appreciate anyone being idiotic, so i'd like to keep it small.

also, this map wont work.
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yeah it sucks if you don't live in the city :I

lol jokes.

the last one i went to (over a year ago) was at st marys...
damn....why maroubra

anyone keen for having one on top of chatswood westfield carpark?
its empty on weekends at night
Police station is down the road and police do patrols "inside" the westfield carpark lol
is it illegal to ride on top of carparks or something? :S

oh.....damn i thought they'd be busy patrolling outside maccas
generally carparks are private property and are not classed as roads so unless the management asks you to move on the popo cant do much.
Might come and do a bit of U turn practice, I haven't been doing them lately and need to brush up.
Ahh too bad, I'm doing my Ps TEST on the Saturday!

GoodLuck, HaveFun, DontDie.
heading out now, got caught up at lunch
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