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(SYD) Repsol Leather Jacket For Sale .. Size is Large

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Repsol Jacket (size Large)
x2 shoulder pads
x2 elbow pads
x1 back protector

This jacket no longer fits me and its still in good condition. If anyones interested just give me a buzz. Cheers!

$100 or make an offer.


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where did you buy it?

is it leather or vinyl? ive seen plenty of these exact jackets on ebay saying they are leather but are really vinyl, hell, i even bought one of them.
I'm located in Canley Heights.
Canley Heights...what do you know....it is a suburb right near me! :)
I could be interested in taking it off your hands, but would def need to see a bigger picture first.
im interested
is this real leather though?
where did you buy it from?
Thats the only pic i have, whoevers really interested then just come by and check it out.. u'll get a better look at it that way.[hr]
It's leather, i originally bought it from a mate.. soon enough the jacket no longer fits me.
what size tees do you normally wear?
im not sure if a large would fit me or not, probably will but just need to be sure
and going all the way to canley heights without being sure is not worth it, coz i live in hornsby
This is probably the jacket he's selling. Same sort of picture. And it's cheaper than he's selling it for lol. (Usually i wouldnt hijack anyones thread, but i didnt want anyone to buy this jacket thinking they're getting an awesome official Repsol leather jacket.. when really it's just a $50 cheap knockoff from hong kong..)
My size for clothes now are small and medium.[hr]
Well mate i didnt buy it from ebay and it wasnt $50. If ur not interested in the sale theres no need for u to be talking shit here.
Well he never stated it was a genuine or anything

Joe Rocket and Dainese to my knowledge are the only two manufacturers that make/made genuine Repsol jackets. Though A* would make you one if you're Nicky Hayden.
its from ebay for sure!

viper33 said:
im interested
is this real leather though?
where did you buy it from?
id highly advise everyone NOT to spend money on these jackets thinking that they will protect you in a crash. they wont.
they arent leather, they are vinyl. they will shred to pieces in an off. do a google search on vinyl motorcycle jackets..

if you want a jacket just to wear around, NOT on the bike then by all means buy this one.

good deed done for the day.

and he looks like a 1 post seller trying to get rid of some low quality jackets.

buyer beware.
Well it is a replica and i did not say it was genuine.. I'm not asking for an arm and leg for it ffs! geez..[hr]
For those who think im asking for abit much then make an offer.
any idea what number size that is? like 44, 46 or watever?
geezuz christ, its $100 who in their right mind would depend on a $100 jacket in a an off anyway? mine was 450 and i was skeptic about that.
if your really keen on it go have a look at it. even if it is just an excuse to go for a ride.
i live in penrith and was thinking of goin for a look. some ppl are a bunch of fuking sooks, everything is too far away.
People and their smart arse remarks... if ur not interested in the sale then move the fuck on![hr]
ORANGEracer said:
any idea what number size that is? like 44, 46 or watever?
Im not too sure man, it just says large on the tag
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