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[SYD] who wants to go for a ride?

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how about next weekend?
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just got back doing few laps of the OPH and some breakky.

was wet but we had the entire road to ourselves..... riding in the wet is fun:D
yeah im keen, when and where?
im up for a ride possibly this week sometime if anyones got a day off?
i'll go for a ride once i get new tyres
i've got arrowstax atm with pretty much no tread on the back tyre
so riding it in the rain is like riding on ice
i dont not even try and brake at 60 if the lights turn yellow, i just speed to make it through
nice. try and stay safe, hey?

thinking next week either on the weekend, or during the week if people have the time.
hey matt, when you free during the week? im free any day except wed and thurs.
keen to checkout wisemans or old pacific hwy i never been on either rides.
yeah, could be fun. i'll let you know if i'm free.
I'm keen for next weekend, weather pending.
where u heading ???
id like to go checkout wisemans, but im pretty easy either way, any excuse to go for a decent ride. Its been too long.
well lets make a 'ride out' out of this.....

throw up your hands for what day and what ride everyone is keen to do and we'll make a day of it based on majority preference.

i'll go first: Sunday 6 June Old Pac run... early for brekky or bit later for lunch.
Friday b4 evening work shift or weekend.
im a regular at mccarrs ck rd or bigola
bends after work when its not raining,
up for going out of sydney 2
lets do this weekend then.

saturday. go for a run up the old pax, unless someone can think of a better, less populated, run.

prob inners pending weather. let me know details i'll bring along few randoms with me
hopefully when i get the new cbr sat 12 yeehahh riding old road up to terrigal for a lunch stop and back...
ergh. just got soaked.

anyone keen for a rain ride tomorrow? i'm not, my rainpants have a hole in the crotch, which is a nice feeling on a long trip.

yeh looks like rain is in for the weekend SIGH =(
and of course the sun comes out today and ridout cancelled :( nice cool day for a good ride too anyone keen still?
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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