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Taking the Front Sprocket off (MC22)

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hey guys,
Just taking sprockets and chain off at the moment (or trying to..) and I've taken the nut off the front sprocket but there is that metal sun-shaped clip thing stopping the sprocket from sliding off.. How do I take the sprocket off from here?..

I've tried pulling the metal clip out with pliers and tried folding it over but can't get underneath it with a screwdriver or pliers..

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Have you tried licking it?
dayeve said:
Have you tried licking it?
Make sure that it's running and in gear to evenly distribute the lickage.
mine never had a clip.
take a photo?
if you get the nut off, you should just be able to get a screwdriver and wedge it between the engine and the sprocket and jimmy it off
If all else fails, piss on it.
is it not a surclip? get some surclip pliers and you'll be able to get it off.
I've seen about 4 engines and they never had a circlip... it was just a bolt into an internal thread onto a 12 spline or similar.

after you take the bolt of, give it a couple of light wacks with a hammer and 1/2" extentsion so that should loosen it... you should then be able to take it off by hand.
Thanks for the tips. I already got it. In another thread people told me to fold a clip over before pulling the sprocket off, so I was thinking that there was a clip on there, but there wasn't..

And it didnt come off easily because I wedged 4 drillbits between the rear sprocket and chain so the chain didnt move when I was trying to loosen the front sprocket nut (yes it was in gear but the chain still moved because the nut was so tight).. But I got the front sprocket off, then continued to cut the chain (who needs a chain breaker when you have bolt cutters?) and take the rear sprocket off :D

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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