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test ride

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Had the best test ride today.
was on a split shift at work and decided to go down to the BMW dealership and look at the S1000RR. before I had even taken my helmet off a salesman was looking at my bike. "hey mate how you goin" then he asked "lookin at the S1000?". The next thing he said was, let me know if you want to go for a ride. So i said sure! next thing we are at MT COOTHA!! We were out for about 35mins!

and i even got stuck at a set of lights. (he went through the orange and i stopped) but he didnt even pull over he just continued back to the dealership. I could have just ridden off with the bike!....even though they had all my details. HAHA

So yeah very big thank you to the sales guy at BMW Newstead!!!

Oh and the S1000RR is a mental bike! soooo much power!!! a little too much for the road. I much prefer the Aprilia RSV4 for the road.
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Both look nice although I like the colour schemes of the Aprilia more. I'd shudder to think what the insurance premium would be for a 23yo on a 24-25G bike.
:) :)
^idiot. go back to the drawing board.
Having ridden both now. I would buy the Aprilia. its just a bit more user friendly around town etc. I only go to the track 1-2 times a year, but im at work 5 times a week. The beemer is a beautiful bike though. handles so nice. Im upgrading at the end of 10'/ early next year and I made a list of new bikes i wanted. So far I've ridden
R1 (big bang one + previous model)
Gixxer 1000 (2007 + Current)
Aprilia RSV4 + Dorsosuo
BMW S1000RR + R1200S

Still Havent ridden
Duc 848/1098/ Monster 1100
alex92 said:
It might be easier to just call some private sellers and pretend I'm interested, and take their bikes for a ride.
Nice one! Next time I sell a vehicle, I'm actually going to write "tyre kickers welcome", because those dudes who don't want to stay home and wait for someone to come over to thrash their bike around the block with no intention of buying it are selfish arseholes.

lol @ deleted post.
A buddy of mine bought one last month. He loves it, but wtf with those tail lights? We're taking bets on how long till they break and he needs to replace them.
I thought the rsv4 was in the 30K mark :O
I think theres a povo model of rsv4. I agree the S1000RR might be a bit silly for around town.
RSV4 Factory is the tuned version and the RSV4 R is for the person who uses it more often according to a review I watched.
factory has adjustable EVERYTHING, inclusive of engine mounting points, and just generally higher spec parts to cater to specific needs from track to track, which in my opinion is quite impressive. i dont believe there's another road going bike out there that has this much adjustability.

the RSV4R's chassis can't be adjusted though, and slightly lower spec parts, and is marketed for the road going weekend warrior, but meh, the R would be more than enough and then some for 99% of the population. If you're getting to the point where you actually need to adjust your actual chassis and frame and engine mounting points, then you're either A) showing off, B) have stupid amounts of money and showing off, C) should consider starting your own privateer WSBK team, all the while showing off. :p

but i suppose it'd be nice to have the option. All i know and care about, is that they looking fucking sex and would sell my left nut to own it.
you dont need to sell your left nut though, RSV4R and S1000 are both quite affordable... it's not like theyre in desmo RR price territory.
you my friend, dont know my financial situation :p

seriously though, my right nut is fucking massive.it's got its own gravitational pull.
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