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The MaC22 project

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Well it's been a while coming but I've picked up a 22 and am embarking on a journey to utilize the skills or lack of I picked up on the MaC19.

This will not be as epic as the MaC19 as my plans for this bike are as follows:

Get the bike running, currently it's not and has a suspected blown piston.

Clean it up, looks pretty good but if you suffer from a little OCD then you notice dirt in places most people don't care about.

Rebuild the brakes, the rear wheel is sticking a little and I think the piston cylinders need a hone. I will replace the pads and install some HEL braided lines while I'm at it.

Clean the carbs, they look pretty good but while it's apart why the fuck not. :D

I don't want to replace all the fairings or change the colour as they are in good condition and I think this colour appeals to the younger generation looking for there first bike. The only part I will replace is the rear fairing that wraps around the rear light.

I'll paint the engine and brake calipers and maybe even the forks but not 100% sure about those yet.

I'm working on a budget and want to sell the bike once I've registered it.

Enough shittalk, let the journey begin.......

Dad and I took a flying trip to Melbourne to pick up this.

I got it home and realized my shed was leaking (mainly from condensation) and I needed a place to work on the beast, so I ripped the roof sheets off, laid some saking (not the Japanese alcoholic type :D) and re-installed the sheets.

Hey Presto?

I now had a place to work.

Not very big but good enough.

When I visited the CBR whisperer I took note of his bike stand and thought "that is a fucking good idea", I'm not exactly a spring chicken and I started getting a sore back always bending down to work on the MaC19, so I built one.



Representing the crew.

I now have a nice little place to call my own.

Got some shit to do so I'll continue this in the morning.

Scrooge :D
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To be honest this is only the second bike I have rebuilt so I would say maybe a five or six but only working on these bikes.
Just remember to take lots of photos so you can look back through them later if need be and keep organized ie. labelled sandwich bags.
If you've seen the MaC19 project thread you would see me at a one but the bike runs great and I learned quite a lot.
I still make mistakes and some pretty stupid ones at that but I love doing this and you will too :D
Nice work Scrooge. I'm keen to see how this turns out.
I burn soo much time reading these MaC projects
:lol: :lol:

Glad to hear, been very busy of late but will pick my game up soon, my apologies. :D
Inspirational stuff Scrooge, I'm about to embark on a similar journey with a MC19 and MC22 that will become one.

I'll be referring to this thread a lot I reckon.
Still in the shed.

I need to drain the fuel and check the plugs.

It's not starting but I think it's because it's been sitting for so long.

Could also be the pulse generator but as I am typing this from work in my break (seven days now for at least two more months) I cannot see myself getting to it until after that.

Scrooge, If I ever do get this gig with Regional Express I'm after, I'd love to ride with you (provided i fucking get time off from study...)
Done and done.

You did say ride WITH me right? :D
Preferably. I may skip the WITH for the right price.
Great thread. Copy cat on the bench. Makes life easier doesn't it?

I've actually moved my workshop home after your visit. You should see my set up now.

Still can't figure out how to post pics yet. I'll have to try somehow.

Spewing I didn't see this thread earlier as I do have many parts. Especially engine stuff.
Thank you Mr DMC, This will not be the last so will keep that in mind, i'm pretty sure I have your number somewhere. I may require a pulse generator but won't know till I run the meter thing across the leads.

I have since moved and have a new shed (slightly bigger) and yes the bike stand was an idea stolen fairly and squarely from you. I think I mentioned that somewhere. Mine has stickers though so no royalties :D

Starting to get that itch again so may need to make some time after work, I now have a shed with lights so working after dark is no longer a problem. :D
Good to see your still at it.
Just read through great thread mate, but now im hanging for an update!!
i think this is the 4th time a have read through the MaC project and every time I LOVE!!!! iT. good work Sir. Scrooge i may battle a engine rebuild my self as i am mechanically minded and my engine is developing a tick that comes and goes from the bottom end when cold or during low end acceleration. Thanks for taking the time to write this up as i know it takes some time.

Thanks for the lessons on the last build you did as well. Gave me the motivation to go for 50bhp out of mine as a race bike via GForce engineering. MC22 carbs, head and pistons and 19 cams :) In any event I'll post lots of pictures to help others.
One question for clarification if I may on your 22 head :D

The water pipe that goes into the head has 2 o-rings. Your pictures show the pipe bolted to the back of the head which was great to help me see it in the fiche. Have you replaced those o-rings? From the fiche it looks like 91314-KE8-003 is the correct part number?

If anyone else can validate this via a PM it would be appreciated!
This thread had been quiet for a while. How did it turn out?
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