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the simpsons, family guy and south park....my fav cartoon!!!

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There's some pretty nice memories here with all the classics with Krusty and Homer and Bart. I haven't met a person who doesn't like something about the Simpsons, whether it's the characters, the gags, or just realizing how damn long the show's been on. The Simpsons has influenced everything from Family Guy to South Park, and it's easy to see how. Family Guy's cutaway gags: Homer has his own share of gags in the first couple of seasons. South Park's cursing: Homer influenced this by using occasional F-bombs (also a slight visual bombs.) And not just influence it is: It's pretty damn funny most of the time. Whether it's pardodies of "Cape Fear" or a treehouse of Horror about "The Shining" The Simpsons is king of the pack. I Would highly reccomend everyone on the planet to watch the 21 season of the show.

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I like the the Simpsons too, you sound like a pretty cool guy, we should mate?
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