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I would like to introduce myself I'm some guy travelling on mc22 and have been getting some problems with my bike lately and I thought i would ask here instead of paying a mechanic to maybe fix my problem.
So I have been getting some ticking sounds from my engine. It's a 1991 model and has around 49k on the clock. Could also be more or less since it's an import bike.
The sound seems to be coming from the upper part of the engine,but I was not able to localise it using the screwdriver stethoscope method. The ticking seems to appear from 1,5k -2,5k rpm but is not noticeable when revving the bike to like 4k rpm. It is most noticeable when there is a small increase/decrease in rpm.
Also when the engine is properly warm the sound seems to go away. The ticking does not disappear when using the clutch and is kind of noticeable when cruising and accelerating with low rpm in a high gear. My first guess was valve clearance, but I would have thought it would still be noticeable when it gets revved.
Since I'm travelling on the bike I need to rely on it and I'm not too sure how long it will run till it completely breaks down.
I will add a video later so it is easier to understand what kind of ticking I mean.
Kind regards and thank you in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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