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To service the engine.. or not to service?

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That is the question...

I'm finally on holidays, so I've taken the opportunity to get back into my project, which hasn't been touched in a month or so.
I'm at the stage where most of the components have been taken off the bike, leaving somewhat of a skeleton, and the engine. The next thing I would want to remove would be the engine itself, however, this the first ever time I have ventured into this area of my bike, and have little to no knowledge about, ill be honest.

So far I've been cruising along nicely with the rebuild, but the engine is something that I don't want to screw around with.

Now.. I am going to be painting the frame, so if I decide to take the engine off, I will probably send the frame to the powdercoaters. However I do not have a engine stand. I do have a L shaped metal support which should hold the engine upright if I unbolt it from the bike, It will remain on the ground standing on its sump.

Should I remove it, and if so, is it easy enough to do so myself? is there anything I should know? and lastly, if I decide to take it off, I think I would like to give it a service, do valve clearances etc, mainly to learn about how it works... But I'l say it again.. Im a complete noob when it comes to the engine.
Would anyone be kind enough to show me the ropes perhaps?

Thanks in advance.
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Personally, I wouldn't go venturing into something like engine work which could be potentially very expensive with my limited experience. I would ask if I could watch someone else do it first, then find an engine I wasn't planning on using for a while to practice on before I would ever do anything to the engine in my bike.

As for removing it from your frame, you should probably stack something under it before unbolting it so it wont fall anywhere, unbolt it, remove the frame, move the engine to a place where it is not sitting directly on the floor. A stand or some pieces of wood under the sump and maybe gear box will both work I would say, use your initiative on that one.

This is all speculation as I have never removed an engine from a motorbike before, if anyone would like to tell me I'm wrong before nine goes ahead and starts work, go ahead.
yeah that's the thing, it runs fine (to my knowledge) so I don't wanna go in and screw something up without having a valid reason to open it up anyway.
On the other hand, I'm doing this rebuild so I don't have to service my bike for a good while again. I'm planning to keep it until I get my fulls, so I would like it to be the best it can for that time.
The engine is already on soft wood resting on the ground with just the frame around it, so all I have to do is unbolt and disconnect everything, then lift the frame off the top.
I would give it to a mechanic to do, but I would be very keen to learn, I also haven't got a huge amount of money to be throwing around.
I was thinking of giving it to stud to do, but that raises the issue of transport.
Just find someone who is driving down to the gong and see if they can take it with them perhaps.
I jumped in to this balls out last night. stripped my entire bike (almost) to get the engine out is easy... just remember where the spacers etc go and it will not be a problem putting it back in.... It was alot lighter than I expected also. I took out the top bolt and I could raise/lower it on the pivot easily with my left arm (no oil or water in it I must add). then I took the weight off it with my car jack and some timber, and undid the lower bolt.

I recommend you do this if you are painting it... because there is no way in hell you will remove the crud I found in mine with the engine in it still.

The engine itself is now sitting on the ground on some timber.... placed carefully... on soft timber. I could carry It accross the garage easily too. I wouldn't stress too much mate. your a smart lad, you will be fine.

edit: sounds like we are in the same position - race you to the finish line :p
Ah yes, the wonders of the car jack. It saved my life.
I didn't even know the engine had spacers, thats how noob I am.
Hopefully my common sense will guide me through.

Oh, and.. challenge accepted! :D

all the best boys. try not to hurry too much and fuck up.
If you get the engine out tonight, I am going to Wollongong tomorrow morning for work and can throw it in the back of my van and take it to stud for you if you like.

Short notice i know but hey? I will leave Chatswood about 9:30am.

My number is 0409 394 362.

I won't check this site again before i leave so don't bother sending a PM just text or ring me.

Easy off Bam oven cleaner works a little bit on the crud on the outside but wash it off fast. Scotchbrite is the best for home cleaning.
Thanks for the offer Chris, I'm still making my decision on what to do with it though.
I've been talking to stud as well, so hopefully by the end of the week i'l know what im doing with it.

dazz245 said:
Easy off Bam oven cleaner works a little bit on the crud on the outside but wash it off fast. Scotchbrite is the best for home cleaning.
yeah, it removes the anodising, but that makes the metal more gentle and will scratch much easier. I'm thinking im just gonna chuck some coats of engine enamel on it.
SERVICE !!! i did mine all weekend !! and my bike is running smooth :)
getnkd said:
SERVICE !!! i did mine all weekend !! and my bike is running smooth :)
Did it yesterday, what did you do on yours?
sat - new oil, oil filter, spark plugs (BITCH OF A JOB EVER!! FML), carby clean & air filter.

WORTH EVERY SINGLE TIME SPENT DIS WEEKEND!! not to mention a mack thru national park on sun :)

u Ninexz?

Ninexz said:
getnkd said:
SERVICE !!! i did mine all weekend !! and my bike is running smooth :)
Did it yesterday, what did you do on yours?
Well, when the bike is in pieces is the best time to give your engine some attention as well.

When i do a project, i remove the engine, strip it to components, check all internal clearances and dimensions, bead blast the cases, paint or polish then reassemble with new seals & gaskets. This is how you overhaul an engine on a project bike. I have never used an engine stand either, just remove it using a jack and blocks of wood, then lift it onto the work bench.

Dont be scared of this work, all of the maintenance work is in the service manual, all you have to do is follow it and buy any tools you need along the way. I certainly wouldn't be giving it to anyone else to do, you are only cheating yourself out of experience. And giving away your money. Get into it yourself, and post up here any problems you have so we can talk you through them. You'll have fun.

However, if it is just a running rebuild you are doing and you dont need to restore your engine cases, you may not want to open the engine. At a minimum you should be doing top end clearances, carby clean, and a full service. Do everything you can. Now is the time. Again, this is easy. Just drain everything before you remove the engine, and do the valve clearances on the bench.

Personally, i reckon you should open the cases as well and check your big ends and main bearings. If your not going to do it now, when are you?
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Open it up. You will regret it if you don't and it will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind when its done.
yeah we did the valve clearances with stud on sunday.

I think im gonna open up both casings aswell, replace the gaskets and just take a look inside. Just to get familiar with it.
I'l send the casings to the powdercoaters for sandblasting and a gloss black coat :)
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