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Track down old owners using VIN Rego and numbers

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Well I'm sort of looking for the old owner of my ZX10R and his/her contact detail. I want to see if they have any keys and other parts for my bike, especially the red key, will cost me $500 to get a key hacker.

Anyway I got the VIN, old Reg plate number, and all and I am wondering if I can find the contact detail for the ex owner somehow. I have contacted GIO and am awaiting their reply, with hopefully good news.
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i think that might be a breach of a privacy act somewhere.
perhaps GIO will contact them and leave it up to them to contact you if they want, but i doubt they will just give you someones details.
+1 once registration has been passed over... You wont be able to get their contact details anywhere.

Even if you've been ripped off, or the car/bike has been stolen, it becomes your problem which is why a VIN check prior to purchase is so important.

On a side note, do u really think the owner wld not have passed on the red key if they had it ? And if they didnt, would they admit they had it now ?
The guy at Adrenalin PB (guy who sold it to me) said that he usually gets the keys when he contacts the insurance companies when he is fixing up bikes, I'm just looking for an alternative if that fails.
What's this key hacker you talk of? I could be looking at thousands to replace keys ecu and lock.
Found this one the Kawasaki forum

Ben, Inner West Locksmiths in Annandale.

Here is a basic run down with out the crap.

Suzuki - We can copy, program and supply keys. If you have an existing one then about $145. Black or red key makes no difference to us.

Kawasaki - Same as above.

Yamaha - Same as above.

Ducati - Same as above but I can reprogram the dash as well if needed.

Honda - These are more complicated. There are ways but at this stage better to go thru the dealer if it is around the same sort of money. Unless you lose all your keys then I would be of benefit.

Now if you lose all your keys for the above I can help in most cases but it will be expensive, I have to reprogram your ecu and lots of time and mucking around but thats better than $2-$4k at the local dealer. Even if you lose your red master key I can help.
no0bs....... dont go to the RTA, GIO or any company. They will NEVER disclose any personal info to you.

A mate was in the same situation as you (after purchasing a bike at auction) and he did the following, and was able to trace down the previous owner and got the RED Key, service manual, tool kit etc....

1. Go to the kawa forums and try your luck...

2. Go to the kawa service/dearlers in the area and explain to them your situation. Chances are the previous owners have had the bike service there. If so, ask the dearler (nicely) to contact the previous owner on your behalf and have them explain the situation. If the previous owner is not a total fuck-wit they would be happy to help... i know i would. And because its the dealer that is calling the previous owner, and they have asked for their permission to have you talk to them, there is no privacy issues.
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Wow those guys kick ass

Supply, Cut and Program Transponder Key : Yes
Supply, Cut & Program New Key – All keys lost : Yes
Copy & Program Key without Yamaha R1 : Yes
Is Yamaha R1 needed in Workshop to Program Key : No
Mobile Service – All Keys Lost : Yes

We can even supply, cut and program new Yamaha Transponder keys when all keys are lost and your Yamaha dealer can't help. This invloves reprogramming your ECU computer.

Yamaha changed their imobilizer system. We can reprogram 2009 - 2010 models. Please call.
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