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Recently fixed up an issue where my bike was running on 3 cylinders (corroded carb boots)
There's a few things niggling at me now tho.
warning: novel ahead.

1. Not sure if I'm imagining it or not, but i seem to have alot of engine shake at idle, (not just a little vibration, my tank is visibly shaking back and forth maybe a few mm.

2. Probably related to number 1. The engine doesn't seem to have a smooth cycling sound it seems to thrum rather than being a constant whir. (pretty sure she def needs a good carb balance, could this cause 1 and 2?)

3. She was running rich before i changed the boots ( hunting for idle, Revs hanging for a moment after rev up) Boots seemed to have fixed it up but not entirely sure. would running rich cause the bike to run hot? cruising around she sits at about halfway up the temp gauge where previously shed settle little less than a third, delayed in traffic even with the cold lately shell run right up into the red fairly quickly.

I'll add at this point that i flushed and changed the coolant fairly recently, i used concentrate and mixed it myself, fairly sure the ratios are fine. Spoke to a mechanic who told em to bleed air from the system, so finding the cap on the radiator to be the highest point i took it off and ran the engine til fairly hot, seemed to help the problem but only minutely.

The mech also told me to change the plugs (i dont see how this would help it running hot)
I've got plugs i just havnt put them in yet. ( The Mech gave me CR8EH-9's, are these fine to use rather than CR9EH-9's?)

I'm probably jsut nitpicking seeing as she runs fine.

Cheers to anyone who read this far. :D


for tank vibrating:- buy yourself some tank rubbers mate, she won't move again.

my understanding was that if the revs hung up and hunted, it was lean...

Mine is a little rich at idle, still responsive, and hunts a little, give your carbs a clean and balance.
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