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ontik said:
Touch-me-im-a-dinosaur said:
Didnt dcotton have one running a while ago?
Pretty sure this bike was his and he sold it to stud. I'm not 100% though.

Yes, same bike. I did have it running when I first bought from dcotton I just had to fix a few things and then my personal life to a hit..Getting much better now..so who knows what may happen?

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Grave digging an old thread here. Just wondering if anyone is keen to buy this project from me.

Not doing anything with it. Just sitting there.
The turbo is a poisoned chalice of the Cbr250 world.... Somebody please buy this fix it and finish it!

"Imagine if you FINISHED an EFI, TURBO cbr250. I think that a black hole may open up and consume us all" Merudo 2010.... Better than Hawkins theory!
221 - 231 of 231 Posts
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