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Just did a check of C o tters to see what there tyre selection was like and i have to say fuck me they are cheap or even cheaper than some of the shops like Crossen or some of the UK ones

less than €190 for a set of Diablo Corsa 3's
€190 for Diablo Rosso
€220 for Diablo Rosso Corsa's with £25 back from Pirelli

Dunlop D209's €200
Sportmax Qualifiers 2 €190

BT-014's €205
i'm assuming they will charge about €30 or so to fit, but at first looks it beats the journey up north for tyres for me! :headbang:

might pop over there at the weekend and see what is what!
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ring paddys pitstop first see if he can do better, 018559711
nice one Zane man, i'll give them a buzz and also it's just around the corner....didn't know anyone was back in ossory bus park!

In need Mr Grahamhamo, i do believe that a welcome is in order....get yourself a bike ya bollix!!:D
yeah he has told me a few times someone has come in with tyres to be put on and most of the time he would have chraged them less if the drove in and had them fitted, if u ring tell him zane said ur a bollix!
Is Mr G back in Eye-Land?

Happy tyre hunting Mr Sneddy !! hope you find a good deal
well i rang him yesterday and he is cheaper than going up north, but c o tters are cheaper on the Diablo Corsa 3's i was thinking of getting so it will cost about €210 fitted for them and about €240 fitted with paddy's

cheers though, it's nice having a place where BTC used to be and a decicated bike tyre place to go!!
actually i am going for the Diablo Rosso Corsa's as he is selling them at just a little bit more than the Corsa 3's!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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