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unstable rpm reading

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good day mates need help...when my bike is in idle mode the rpm reading
is unstable...from 1000rpm as my set point it becomes 1500 then drops
again to 1000....what could be the reason...plugs? carb? i havent use the
bike for atleast 3 weeks..one more thing when i run the bike i have this feeling that its running on 3 cylinders or sumtin,but i check thru my headers
all 4 are heated up....pls help...thanks mates
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your carbies could probably do with a clean
Two50RR said:
your carbies could probably do with a clean
+1. Also check the little rubber plugs on your inlet runners on the head itself. These often fall apart and leak in air.
Change the plugs and give those carbies a clean![hr]
make sure you set your idle when bike is fully warmed up!
What studricho said:
carbo boots are prob cracked, (carb boots being the little rubber things that seal your carbs to the engine) ]
Thats what its been both times my bike was hunting for idle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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