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vented boots vs non vented boots

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Hey guys,

im planing on getting a pair of new boots for myself, though im not to sure whether i should go vented or non vented as these will be my first pair??

What do u guys think? preferably comfort wise etc.

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I have a pair of sidi vertigo's which are vented and I really only notice then working when it's cold.

If I happen to have then open in the cold my foot gets cold so they definitely work but when it's hot I don't really notice them being open because it's so hot but they definitely work.
Same boots as scotty. The difference is smelly feet (non vented) and feet that smell fresh (vented boots).

Nothing worse than arriving at a mates place and then get told to take your boots off.

Boot comes off and mate falls to the ground due to your stench.
Are you talking about vented boots (eg the vertigos with vents you can open/close) or perforated boots that let air in regardless?

Perforated boots will be a fair bit cooler I imagine, but they will also let the cold and rain in.
+1 to not going perforated, but nothing wrong with boots with vents.

I have A*s SMX-Rs and they're fantastic to wear around. Although I'd like a pair of Pumas for something a little more casual.
I race in a pair of Sidi Vortice Air, full perf and vented. They're fucken ace.

Feet get wet in the rain, but that's pretty much going to happen no matter what.
I have perforated and vented boots and my feet stay relatively dry. They do get a bit cool in winter but just wear some thick socks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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