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[VIC] 1990 Toyota Corolla Seca SX

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1990 Toyota Corolla Seca SX

Selling my 4 wheeler!

Original paint, faded. Runs quite well, reliable, engine quite strong. Needs a service. General wear and tear.

Was my daily drive, however have a new car.

Price and Payment Conditions: $900 cash, priced as very good bargain for quick sale.

Extra Info:
1990 Model
Alloy Wheels
Ecliptech Shift-I fitted :cool:
Located in Aspendale (SE suburbs, south of Moorabbin)
Currently registered until 24 Oct 2010, however selling without RWC / Rego.

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do want ;o

anyone want to road trip back with me to bris?
Needs some fairings :D
$900 cheap, for those that don't know, 100kW 4AGE lives under the bonnet :)
^ and a shift i :D
RE: [VIC] 1990 Toyota Corolla Seca SX (SOLD)

Couldn't believe it... put it on the online trading post at 4:30pm today. 20 minutes later had a call. An hour later and the guy was looking at it :O.

Despite it being 20 years old, it did run really well. Such a nice engine with a good amount of poke. Has been a very reliable car.

I took it for one last spin tonight... glad I'd owned it :cool:
I was thinking you could have sold it to the dude who was looking to blow up a car with his jihadist buddies :D
quattro said:
So whats it been replaced with ??
Golf GTI MK6 :cool:
Eclipze said:
quattro said:
So whats it been replaced with ??
Golf GTI MK6 :cool:
Pictures or it didn't happen.:popcorn:
That was quick.. Were you still subbed to this thread?

Best way to keep track of some threads ;-)
It is a manual :cool:

Had it re-mapped by APR tuning too... runs superb on 98.
I take it you were happy with it's design. Minimal flaws ? :p :D
Very comfortable ride, great handling and enough poke to tear around. Suits me well. I'm rather chuffed having one. The window wiper controller sucks... and the stability control doesn't play nice when I get a bit of slip after the re-map. But the build quality shows. If I lost it... I'd get another. If I had the cash to throw... a GTI R would be the go :)
I had a 2007 GTI in red, the best front wheel drive car I have ever driven. 245km was the fastest I had driven it on my way to Horsham one day, still had more in it but country roads are a little dangerous at that speed.

Unfortunately my ex ended up with it and I now drive a 94 Patrol.

Good choice Mr Eclipze, you will enjoy this car alot. Gotta love German engineering. :D
Love those Golfs - Although I'd get the R ... Maybe next car.

I have a 08 GT TSI sports in manual - While it's a small 1.4L engine but with turbo and a supercharger added in, she actually goes really good!! Great on fuel and the handling of the VW's are awesome!

My Dad has the 08 R32 and I have driven that car a fair bit out of Sydney and that car goes like stink. It's automatic but tiptronic - The only thing I don't like about the gear flappers behind the steering wheel is when you turn the steering wheel flappers stay, as opposed to moving with the steering wheel so you have to move your hands to find the flappers (probably doesn't make sense! :p) - Or what ever they are called! Lol

Congrats on the new car - Big jump from a 20 year old car! :)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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