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Wanted: CBR250R engine

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Wondering if anyone has an engine or could recommend any business, etc who would be able to help me out? apparently the MC19 and MC22 engines are interchangeable, can you confirm or deny?
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there are some small differences with with electronics ect between the two and i think tha tthe carb boots are a different diamiter.

where are you located??

wreckers or findapart.com.au
they will bolt together but you will need the appropriate peripheral components, because they are not the same internaly.
Im in Darwin, Northern Territory, so limited wreckers etc.

the engine has low compression (and possibly more wrong with it), either pay $3,000 to fix or buy a new engine and fit it in.
think it was down 50-70 psi
Mealz64 said:
think it was down 50-70 psi
I know someone who may have one, reads average 140, but i think 185 is factory spec, not sure.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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