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Weird idle and weird run maybe?

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I was at the city at 2am this morning starting up my bike.
Starting up was fine just the sound of it was a bit out, sounded like one of the sparks wern't going.

I was going for feel the heat from the headers after having full choke for about 1min, starting from the left to right sitting position on the bike.
1 - hot, 2- hot, 3 - slightly colder than 1,2, 4 -hot

I came home and decided to take sparkies out to have a look, the guy at MCA told me to use CR8 for the time being since its cold and I only ride from 6pm and come back at 2am.
The sparkies looked fine just a little bit of oil on the sides where the screw is.
Gonna get new sparkies this time CR9 in the morning

I have new carb boots to put in, in the weekend. Some of them were peeling off like string cheese.

Anyone have any ideas? or just me stressing out?
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I remember running CR8's once. ONCE. That was the first time I blew my engine.
Its either a fouled plug or dirt in the carbs

Try with the plugs first.

Btw, hows your battery and rectifier?
LOL yeh I changed my plugs the bike runs fine...for now.
My carbs were cleaned last year and were pretty clean before I cleaned them, I guess I'll clean them again when I change the boots

Battery is pretty new and fully charged if I haven't been riding, rectifier should be good
The same thing happed to me and my bike sound like a loud wrx and run like shit, i put new plugs and all was good but then a few weeks later the same thing.
The guy at mca said it was the fuel and that 98 octane will foul the plugs so i put in 95 octane now and so far all good no more wrx!! the plugs i have in it now are NGK R cr9eh.
Im not 100% sure if he was right but so far it has worked, so if you have been putting in 98 octane it could be the fuel.
i've been using unleaded 95, if not that its gonna be the shit ethanol 10%
Isnt ethanol bad for your seals?
Ive got CR8's in mine as thats what the guy at action handed me, should i change them out for CR9s? whats the risks?
Also AJ where did you buy your manifold rubbers?
RB Imports got them for $20 each :D

I don't think my bike liked the CR8 plugs, each time I try to start it would have revs at 2k already. When at the lights the idle will jump upto 2.1k and drop to 1.5k.
The guy at MCA at auburn sold me the CR8 plugs, told me their better for the bike in winter as he ran out of CR9. Taught me a lesson, I'm not buying CR8 again :mad:
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