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Weird noise help - gsxr 600 06

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okay long story so i will try keep it simple..

Couple of months back my bike suddenly stopped, i pushed it home and the only way i could start it was after i placed the battery on charge. When the bike started it was making a weird noise when i revved it.(see below for more details) Took the bike to clubmans and my stator was stuffed (2 coils black) and that caused my regulator to crap it self. So got them replaced and all sweet! Bike ran fine and noise went.

Now as some may remember i crashed a few weeks back in the city and cracked my stator cover, this then caused damage to my new 500 stator! Replaced stator and cover again! (thanks to eBay saved some coin) and was over the moon thinking i could ride again and learned how to replace it,

Went to start bike Friday and again when i rev the bike it makes a weird noise , its hardly noticeable when in gear with clutch in, but when its in neutral its really loud. It sounds like its on the rhs engine case.

It sounds like something isnt tight or something rubbing, hard to explain but it echos the exhaust when i twist the throttle.

I took the bike around the block and it rode fine but the noise gets louder with more rpm.

Could this be my regulator/rectifier short circuited again? And if so why is it making such a loud noise? and why when its in neutral not really doing it in first.

Going to try get the multimeter onto the regulator but having some trouble getting one bolt off atm :(

Any ideas anyone? Really getting over this!
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sorry man...i couldnt get to you today...the multimeter is with me now.... :(
pOint_01 said:
sorry man...i couldnt get to you today...the multimeter is with me now.... :(
that's okays mate, you reckon you will be able to between now and Tuesday or you working mate? Ill owe you one if you can thats for sure!
I wish i could help, but i know the feeling of a strange noise that you cant diagnose my R1 04-06 is natorious for a ticking sound that there is not one answer for. My ticking is gone but i dont know if what i did to it actually solved the problem or just covered it up.

Its a long shot but are you warming the bike up fully before riding it? It's been very cold recently. Im guessing its probably a bigger problem that should and be sorted out asap but just trying to cover thr basics.
yeah mate have been warming the bike up, the noise is very distinct you cant not hear it lol, it will do it at 23 degrees or 90 degrees
Didn't zook have problems with stator nuts? Maybe pull that new stator cover off and make sure the nut is still on there and up tight?
cheers Drew, i did them up bloody tight but i will double check, i need to buy another multimeter today as mine just broke for some stupid reason and I'm going to check the battery and see what volts I'm getting. then have to work out if stator or regulator.
Okay so just put the bike on the multimeter and before i started her up she was had 12.5 volts on the battery terminals, once i started here i got a reading of 14.5. That sound right?? One thing i noticed is that voltage didn't increase when i reved the bike..should it? It just went up from 12 to 14 when i started the bike. Cheers Guys/ Gurls
also have noticed when i engage the clutch in gear and rev the bike the noise is hardly noticeable, but when i place bike in neutral and rev it its really loud and grindy..and ideas anyone?
I'm not sure about the in gear out of gear thing, but with the voltages, when the bike is running the voltage should be at least 13.8ish and go up to at maximum 14.5ish otherwise it will blow up all your electrics.

From what you're saying though, it might be a clutch thrust bearing or something? Silly as it sounds, have you also checked the oil level?
yep oil levels fine just double checked that and yeah when bike was running had 14.5v and 12.5 when bike turned off.
Okay so i gave up, caled SMP at taren point and top bloke brendan came and opened the shop up for me yesterday (public holiday) to check her out.

Seems the noise is more from the stator side, he thinks i have mabye not aligned it right when i placed it back in, or where the stator sits might have bent and be rubbing.

Hope its just not sitting right, Cant wait to get her back had to ride the cbr250 this morning felt so wierd!

Getting some new michellins front and back also for 399 so happy with that :)
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