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What bike has nice led indicator mirrors?

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I have been looking around for some nice stylish led indicator mirrors, and found some nice HUD style, speedo reading etc etc, but they are all custom made for choppers.

Anyone got an idea? or know what bikes have indicator mirrors?

and don't say goldwing or you will be shot :guns: might as well get car mirrors if I was going for a goldwing :p

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Cbr1000rr '09?
most new sports bikes have them duc, suz, honda, aprilia, Mv Agusta.
nice! now to find a set that I can modify!

cheers :)
I think it is the Kwak 10R that has DIGUSTING indicator mirrors... don't bother with them :)
I thought about this a while ago but I really didn't like any of the indicators mirrors I had seen. Another problem was plugging or filling the holes left in the fairings by the original indicators.

I ended up just getting flush indicators and some mirrors that are more adjustable than a contortionist.
I've seen indicator bar ends before. They looked ok.

Gauranteed to be fucked if you have a spill though.
I cheaped out and went ebay :-/

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so what? they look nice as!
got a link for those??
so are you going to run indicators in the stock location as well or use the mirror indicators as a replacement?
After much consideration, attempts to contact japanese companies, and photo comparison....

I think I am just going to but a Tyga T8 kit, for simplicity. I beleive (could be wrong) that they have indicators in the headlight unit???

If so, I will just run the headlight unit and the mirrors.... I don't want to spoil the nice slick look of the kit.

Some small, clear diamond indicators at the back will look good too. :)

I am going to have to dig up that post from eclipse that explains how to calculate the resistor requirements from the LED series. And do some maths.
6.8 to 7.5 ohm, 20 watt resistors.

that is all.
I had those mirrors/indicators on the 954. Worked well and had good glass in them - BUT - the feet (bit that connected to the bike) were HUGE!
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