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Merudo said:
i only use the blood of freshly squeezed kittens.

kitten juice has a much higher octane and is more detonation resistant
i used kitten blood for awhile but found the viscosity of it to be below par for the blade so i switched back to diesel.

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b_lucus said:
And i thought that Japan only had 100 octane or something like that?
If you compare the power figures of a JDM performance car with an export model, the JDM version usually has a fair bit more power because the ECU is tuned to run on a higher octane fuel, so running the lower octane fuels in those vehicles makes the knock sensors change the ECU mapping, therefore lowering the power output. That's why the JDM WRXs go a lot harder than the NZ new ones. I'm not sure what kind of petrol was available in Japan in the 1980s.
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