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What paints zip up to the dainese gran premio? jacket?

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I bought the jacket a few months ago and now i want to get some pants, but i have no clue what model is compatible, does anyone know?
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pretty sure all the dainese pants zip up to the jackets.

i had sf pants and they zipped up to my mates santa monica jacket.
the delta pants also do aswell. maybe just go into peter stevens and try on pants to see if they fit/zip up
I got told daniese stuff only hooks up to daniese
Your jacket should come with both parts to the zip attached. This is so you can attatch any sort of pants to any sort of jacket. Double check and see if both parts are there
Oh paaaaants. Right.

Ride to your bike shop with your jacket on and try on pants and see if the zipper works?

I highly doubt there would be aolt of people here with infomation reguarding your exact jacket.
Unless like crutch said, daniese will fit daniese, then problem solved.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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