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What should it cost?

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Hey guys

Approx what should it cost to have valve clearance check and adjustment on a MC22 from a bike shop?

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I hear studricho has just opened up shop, perhaps you could take it to him... if you want to go for a little ride that is :D

Sorry I have no idea, I would guess it would be about two or three hours labour (this will depend on how well they know the bike I would guess) and then whatever they charge for shims.
depends how you take the bike in...

i took my blade in once with no fairings.. just enough for it to run and ride to the shop... they charged me 3 hours labour if i remember correctly...

you can add another hour or two i would imagine if you had the fairings on... even for a competent mechanic it's a 4 or 5 hour job... more if you need to replace shims..
Not ure what the going rate is up your way, but some local shops can charge up to $100 per hour plus $7 exchange per shim.

Like others have mentioned, it will less if you remove parts from the bike. I can give you a list of things to remove if you go that way.

So at around $100 per hour (worse case) 3 hours plus 5 shims it would be around $335.

Find out what they charge for shim exchange and hourly rate and a estimate time to do it for a better idea.

I tell you what, those shims are expensive. I had to buy a few kits and I didn't see much change from $400, but I now have it all cover. For honda CBR at least and whatever else they suit.
Thanks for those replies, I'll be lookin at $85ph labour and removing the panels myself.

I would take it to stud but he's about 4 hrs away :(
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