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What size tools to buy, and where from?

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Hey guys,
I need some decent tools just for general maintenance on my bike. Also going to clean my carby next week.. I'm thinking of just buying:
- Allen key set
- Socket set (what size range should I get?)
- Spanner set (again, what size range?)

I already have a decent screwdriver set so all good there. Although I'll need to buy a very long screwdriver for doing the carby because I heard there's a screw that's hard to get to (is it Phillips head or straight edge?)

Also, where should I get the above from? I'm willing to spend $100-200 to get myself set up with tools..

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theres a couple of websites i checked out before i bought tools
http://stores.channeladvisor.com/The-Tool-Shop/Items/527-2337%20-%20ss?&caSKU=527-2337%20-%20ss&caTitle=New%20FULLER%2037%20Pc%201/4%22%20%26%203/8%22%20Drive%20Metric/SAE%20Socket%20Set%20%28527-2337%29 (this is what i have, its pretty damn good)

also its worth your time going to places like repco, auto one and even SUPERCHEAP AND BUNNINGS just to check them out
i found a stanley 50 or 100 pc socket set for 50 bucks at bunnings, it was imperial though
get metric, im pretty sure all the japanese bikes only need metric tools

dont buy cheap socket sets if you want them to last
spend some money and get something good
kinchrome and sidchrome are good brands
stanley is fairly good
snap on is one of the top brands but is priced way too much
for a socket set id say get most if not all sizes from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch with at least a 1/2inch ratchet, a adaptor for 1/2 -1/4, a universal joint, and a couple of extention bars

i got my allen keys from bunnings, they're simply amazing
its a set in a foldable thingy
you'll see it when you go there
theres 2 types, one with a round head and one with a flat head
round head reduces the chances of rounding off the screws but flat head is better for really tight ones

im pretty sure the long screwdriver you need is a phillips head

you should probably get an impact driver as well
i've seen kinchrome ones at auto one for about 65 bucks
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my tip is get decent sockets and spanners, don't skimp on them as they can lead to more work than you want by rounding nuts and bolts.

it might seem a bit pricey to pay $100 min for a socket set but if you get the right ones they'll last a lifetime.

for instance, sidchrome offer lifetime warranty on all sockets and ratchets. maybe kingchrome offer the same.
I have collected tools as I have needed them.
Even cash converters and garage sales is a good place to pick up stuff for cheap.
Is 10mm the smallest spanner/socket I'll need?.. And about 18mm the biggest?

I'll go to a few places and price them up. Probably end up spending a couple hundred on a decent set that I can keep for life..
You'll probably need something smaller than a 10mm socket, I think the smallest is an 8mm from memory
8 10 and 12 mm are the common sizes............

I just bought a 75 peice stanley set from bunnings today.
It has both imperial and metric and also deep sockets........
also picked up a 20 piece stanley screwdriver set for $27.....should have bought them ages ago......
Stanyley set is rubbish.

Basic are a 3/8 socket set 8mm up to 22mm. Most commonly used on a Jap mc are 8, 10, 12, 14 & 17 for basics stuff. But is handly to have all the other sizes.

If you're getting a 1/2" set I would looking for something sockets upto 32mm

For myself a must are single hex sockets and ofcrouse Chrome Vandium bits. If you want something a bit cheaper, made in taiwan steel is the go.

If I didn't already have a range of tools, I would be buying Bahco 92piece 1/4" - 1/2" set with spanners for 240$ from bunnings, but can be had for $200 from other tool stores such as united tools or you local friendly tool store. Good Qaulity, single hex and a good range of metric sizes & tools for the home handyman/diy. I like that it goes upto 32mm, alot of sets stop at 24mm http://www.justtools.com.au/prod2860.htm

Kinchrome, sidchrome are great, but imo over priced and I don't like multi hex sockets nor do i need imperial bits. I do own a sidcrhome set, but only take her out if im working on a Harley or somethign non jap.
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