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Where are my friends K916, Lang, RoryH?

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Does anyone know about they?
I have a 2005 cbr 600RR and I´m looking for some advises from the gurus:headbang:
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My money is you finally got used to it Lucho :p

Heavy bar ends = placebo !

The newer 600's do steer as light as bicycles. That's just how they feel. Great for fast tipping int oa corner. :)

Where in Peru do you hail from, I remember seeing some beautiful riding roads when I was there 6 months ago.... along with some absolute disaster roads :p
In Lima? I liked your city if that's where you're from.

$US50 i guess is a bit steep in Peru. We have to pay closer to $US170 here.
Nice ride! Also that bmw in the background has a flat. :)
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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