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Where are my friends K916, Lang, RoryH?

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Does anyone know about they?
I have a 2005 cbr 600RR and I´m looking for some advises from the gurus:headbang:
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Thaks a lot for the answers guys.
Roryh, friend, have spent 5 years without bike (like a simple mortal), now I have a 2005 cbr 600RR black/grey with out any change. here in Peru we have, since two years ago, a lot of new bikers. But from the new school (without class). it is so popular here to import bikes from the USA, the problem is this, "SALVAGE BIKES", you know wath I mean. Also here you need a unique license for any bike from 50cc to 1800cc.
I´ll send pics a soon as can.
where, there is my "problem": I ride one bike after 5 year, the last was a 2002 fireblade (954), I feel my bike too much light, specially in the steering, in the street when I turn to left or right I feel like the bike wants to fall, I have not confidence in the steering. 2 friends of mine test the bike and they dont feel any problem. Im thinking in a damper but, there is any other thing that I can try before?.
Thanks a lot.
thanks for the answer, my weight is 85kilos, and my friends weight is similar. About my tyres are new Pirelli diablo (standard size front and rear).
About the suspension, I don´t know too much, is the setup is too soft or to hard , what is the consecuence?.
What suspension setup (suggested) for a guy with 85 kilos?
thanks a lot
Amigo como estas tu?
Next week i´ll be in the USA and I thinking in buy the scotts dumper. I have new tyres, the forks look ok but I feel the bike so nervous.
In a straight line I make a countersteering and feels the bike like a bicycle, without weight.
I want to be sure about the dumper, you know is expensive.
I´ll try to test another 600RR, maybe is just me and dont the bike.
Good point about new tyres Justin, but I forget to tell something, when I boght the bike I feel the same with the old tyres, that is the major reason to change both.
I agree with you and GG about the time, five years its a lot of time. Anyway this weekend I´ll check the suspension settings, maybe the last owner change any.
Thanks a lot for your comments,
I found the problem in the bike.:dance:
I was in the USA for two weeks and bought break pads, K&N air filter, tankpad, a helmet, a Jacket, bla, bla, bla...and two new bar ends.
When we remove the old bar ends I found two things:
1. they were heavy
2. the left one was more heavy that the right one.
The new ones are so light and after made the change, the balance was perfect in any situation. I don´t know why or how but the last owner change the original bar ends for the heavy ones.

Now I have a perfect bike, pictures, as soon as I can.
yes, the steer is so light and precise.
Dayeve the left one is 150gr and the right one 100g. I dont know the weight for the new ones but I´m sure is a lot less.
I´m very impressed how this 250gr can made a big diference.

MatchTheClown, since one year ago we have the first circuit in Lma (50km south) call it "La Chutana" but you have to pay US$50 for a track day, so I prefer the highways:rolleyes:.
Yes, Im from Lima,
here you´ll find a video from us (2004-2006):
Here in Peru we dont have any mech, they are empirical. They dont nothing about suspension or a simple vacuum gauge.
That track is the only in Lima and thats the reason for the expensive cost.
I know one mech sir.b and I told you he gets more than 200 in one week, in Lima there is only two sites for street bikes, my friend and the other side (the bad ones) and my friend has a 2008 1000RR for track days and has 3 mechs working with him.
in this days is a good business to import wreck bikes fron USA, there is a lot of this bikes.
I remember that pic Keith, let me find it...
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