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Where to buy windscreen? And what colour?

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Where's the best place to get a replacement windscreen for an MC22 and what colour do you think would look good on a tricolour MC22? I'm thinking a blue tint..

Does the tint matter? Do you ever actually look through the windscreen when riding? Or is it just for decorative reasons?

Is something like this OK? It looks VERY blue lol..

Is the windscreen easy to install?

Cheers, Al

EDIT: Ozzymotorcyclefairings, im sure you'll read this. So can you PM me a price please :) And any pics you may have of windscreens on a tricolour MC22..
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Ebay is a good place, get a grey one, cost you like $40 delivered.
Yeah, egay is probably the best bet.

Maybe the ozzymotorcyclefairings guy sells them too - you should hit him up
just go for black tinted or clear. you really cant go wrong with them ones
Yeah black or clear fo sho. The blue looks like its escaped from the mardi gras
this is my tricolour screen, looks great i think.
was soo good i kept goin with the rest of the bike. i never look through it anyway. just a cheap option.

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I would go for the clear screen. if it gets too cold I duck behind it
screen should be easy to install
Yeah, I'd get clear or a light tint. Stay away from coloured screens. They tend to look ghey.
Yeah i looked at some pics and coloured screens look very gay. Ill either get clear or a light tint.

The guy that broke my windscreen is paying for it, so is it worth ordering a decent one form a bike shop, or just get one from eBay? All it really does is deflect wind, after all.. There aren't better quality ones that do anything special, are there?..
a guy called el-fakih on ebay sells them and is situated in Greenacre or Maroubra in Sydney.
I've bought from him before, and saved quite abit on postage. His goods seem to be decent quality aswell.
depending on how tall you are a double bubble screens will deflect the air higher up so it goes over your helmet
at 100km/h the original screen on my zx6r sent straight into my helmet so I got a double bubble to stop that
I got mine from ebay and was delivered pretty quick, way cheaper then retail and came with some funky stickers. gonna put it onn this week.
All this talk of coloured screen being gay... screw you all, mine's blue and it looks tops I'll have you know.

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I've got a light smoke on the racebike. I'm wishing that I'd gone clear now.
richo said:
I've got a light smoke on the racebike. I'm wishing that I'd gone clear now.
Why's that?
At a guess because you're tucked in alot when racing so have to look through the screen more and a clear one makes more sense. Screens are a cosmetic item on a road bike. A race bike I'm guessing needs to be practical.

I'd love to go racing.....

When I tracked the 954, it used to shit me to tears having a black screen, I just could tuck in because I couldn't see where I was going (it was black black!). I'll never be making that mistake again. Clear all the way on any bike you might track... Tint just for looks on a road bike.
Got mine for free when I ordered a new kit in custom colours from a company in Perth... i like the dark tint... Even tucked dont really look through it but someone told me if you can't see through it, it's considered illegal? Could be wrong tho..[hr]
BriZer said:
someone told me if you can't see through it, it's considered illegal? Could be wrong tho..[hr]
I'd say it would be true because a) you cant tint your front window on a car at all, and b) everything is illegal these days
BriZer is you front guard on the right way? Looks kind of backwards to me... Just a little bit
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