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Hey guys, new to both the forums and the DIY service scene, so here we go!

Picked up my MC19 a few weeks ago, and I think it's safe to say that while she does run beautifully, I'd prefer to be proactive than reactive.

I'm trying to throw together a list of parts that I'll need as well as suss out from you guys where would be some of the best places to hustle for the parts.
For the RWC it got a new chain and sprocket, so they're covered at least, but so far this is where I'm at.
-Oil Filter
-Fuel Filter
-Brake pads kit
-Engine Oil
-Brake Fluid
-Brake Master and Calliper Seals

Other things to be done;
-Clean and Sync Carbs
-Full Fairing Kit swap (she took some damage coming home from work, though wasn't riding it)

I figure the front brakes definitely need some work, so if there's anything else I can do for those to get the life back into them would be worth doing.
Feel free to post up where you get your parts or if you know any good places to get them that won't sting too badly.
Also if I've missed anything I should be aiming to do let me know and I'll hopefully be able to post up some pics and such and make a bit of a how-to.
Also if anyone can help out potentially syncing the carbs I'd definitely be keen for a helping hand, though I've got a hand with most the service from a mate whos pulled apart more MC19s than I can count.

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This guys have filters, spark plugs, carb kits and other things:
Motorcycle Spares Warehouse

Can buy oils from Supercheap/Autobarn/Repco etc.

Think I bought brake pads from Pyramid Parts Australia | Pyramid Parts Australia

Eclipze (forum member) has a shop with some parts & fairings: XCite Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
Thank-you, yeah Eclipze will definitely get a few sales from me in the new year for lights etc.

Fairing kit is due to be here a few days before I get my licence back and sit my bike L's.
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