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WTB: Bike cover

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I'm hopefully buying an MC22 this weekend and my garage is not yet built.. Need some recommendations on bike covers that can offer protection to this bike once I get it :)

Are the eBay ones any good and approx what size will I need?
If anyone has one in good nick (around melb) i'm happy to grab it from you for like $30 if you don't need it..
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Kmart, target, any auto shop.
dayeve said:
Kmart, target, any auto shop.
Oh true.. forgot about Kmart and BigW.. how big would I need do you think??
If you actually want to use it outside your home when you leave your bike on the street.. Just measure from the front wheel to the back wheel. For the ciblet I would get the smallest size for scooters and small bikes.

But if your like me and only use them in the garage then just buy one of the regular car ones. It dosnt have to be an exact fit and that way you can just throw it over it and not have to be worried about t earing it.

Also you can fit two bikes under the car ones with ease and can also be used on........ A CAR!!!
^^^ good call :)
i have on that you can buy, still in prefect condition. send me a pm if your intrested
Thanks anyway, I'm going to take dayeves advice and use the car cover for the time being until the Garage is built . . my bike will belong in the carport so I only need protecting from some rain and dust..

Bike should be ready for pickup tomorrow or Saturday :D
Don't stuff around and ge the Kelpro Duluxe with the fleece lining.

They can handle rain, sun, weather and even Possum sh*t and Pi*s. I know because we have them on our bikes. They even have a provision in the front for cable locking your wheel to a wall another bike.

Really Depends how much you want to spend - or how much you think your bike is worth!
I got mine from Aldi for $20 a while ago...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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